Recycled Paper

Handmade paper


We offer a variety of custom handmade papers at Tut neyar. The paper is made from all natural long fibers, namely – kozo (the Japanese name for "paper mulberry" or "Tut Neyar" in Hebrew), abaca, cotton, hemp, kenaf and flax. Occasionally we use exotic fibers such as oat straw, sugar cane, gampi, iris leaves, jeans, and others.


Our paper can be made to order in many weights and finishes; they can also be tinted any color and sized according to any specifications. Each sheet is individually made, using a traditional mold and deckle, therefor each sheet has deckle (natural) edges on all sides (unless asked to be cut to size ). The materials and techniques used, ensure the longevity and the strength of the papers.



Recycled Paper

Papers for writing or printing


Years of experience have taught us how to create and ensure high quality paper for writing and/or printing. Printing can be done in any print shop or at home using an inkjet or laser printer



Tut-Neyar paper and envelopes are ideal for wedding or other special invitations. The paper can be a light or beige natural color, or dyed to a rainbow of colors. The addition of seasonal flower petals, leaves, silk threads and more, creates a unique effect.

Recycled Paper

Stationery sets


We also sell stationery sets consisting of five sheets and five matching envelopes that makes an elegant gift. 

Please specify with or without flower petals, beige or dyed paper $10 .


Recycled Paper

Paper for Lampshades



These papers made from kozo fiber in the oriental style, are naturally translucent and when used to cover a light bulb, create a beautiful and warm light. The paper can also be used for shoji screens, between window panes or as a divider. The paper is off white or dyed, flat pressed or wrinkled. Wrinkled paper is easier to work with on round objects, and gives a special effect when lit from behind.


* These three special size papers are cast using a Nepalese technique and are not perfectly even throughout. They should be used when special sizes or effects are needed.


When ordering please specify flat or wrinkled, natural or dyed. Inclusions such as seasonal flower petals, golden oats, silk threads, skeletal leaves, bits of bark, ferns and green leaves, confetti, sparkles or any other flat and flexible objects can be added to the paper.


Recycled Paper

Artistic paper


We make special thin gampi paper for colle printing (application of a thin sheet over a thicker cotton-rag backing sheet). When printed damp, superb details can be attained. Available in beige or earth colors. 


for artistic paper please visit izharneuamnn.com

Thin paper for colle

For artistic use, we make paper from carefully prepared cotton rag, flax and hemp fibers. All paper is internally sized according to its use, e.g. calligraphy, print making, water color, book paper, etc. The paper is white unless otherwise specified. 

Print making paper is slightly softer than other paper, and is lightly sized internally. This allows the paper to accept ink and create a rich image. 

Paper is available in two surface finishes – smooth, rough. 

Paper size is 50x70 cm 

Price range $7 - 12.00/sheet

for orders please contact Izhar Neumann +972544290559 izharneuamnn.com


Archival conservation paper


We make special paper for paper and book conservators. This paper is made from 100% kozo in the most careful way to achieve the highest quality paper. The paper is made in four thicknesses from very light-weight mending tissue (12 g/m*) to thicker paper for backing (40 g/m*). 

   * Weight of paper is in grams per square meter 

For more info and orders  Izhar Neumann +972544290559 mail- izuharu@gmail.com








We also make book paper for book restorers with a traditional laid mold, in an effort to match our paper with the original paper.

Recycled Paper

Decorated paper


Using Japanese fibers and techniques we have developed very exquisite laminated paper with special designs. The result is a thin paper that can be framed or used as an illuminated picture. Each paper is unique in its design, which can include full flowers, big leaves, gold leaf, threads, paper cuts etc. 

Size 52x80 cm. 

Price range - $15-70/sheet.
for orders contact us: mail- tutneyar@bezeqint.net   +972-54-6490559

Recycled Paper


Wall hangings   


Using an ancient Nepalese technique, we make large sheets, incorporating long fibers, twigs, straw and other natural objects, to create unique paper for wall hangings. Each sheet is signed and comes with two bamboo-canes and rings for easy hanging, all of which can be rolled in a tube for safe delivery. 

Size 87x103 cm

        87x103 cm

        78x180 cm

        100x200 cm

        83x235 cm

Prices range from $40-400/piece 

Please specify preference for a vertical or horizontal design.

for more samples press here. 

for orders contact us: mail- tutneyar@bezeqint.net   +972-54-6490559


Recycled Paper



We have developed special paper for ketubah (wedding contract) with a design around the paper made from real flowers. The paper is sized to enable writing or printing on it. We collaborate with calligraphers who can write any text on the paper, or we can send it blank and let you do the writing or printing. 


We collaborate with paper-cutting artists who use our fine paper to create delicate paper cuts with Judaica motifs. All the designs are cut by hand and some are also hand painted. The paper-cut can be accompanied by any text. Exact price will be determined after agreeing on design. 

For general idea on prices(for 35x50 cm paper): 

Decorated blank ketubah - $20-50. some flora patterns 

Hand written ketubah - $ 125-300. 

For more design please visit Nava Abel's site.

Recycled Paper

Special paper  


We designed our paper mill to be as flexible as possible and strive hard to meet any request.

When you have in mind a unique design, we enjoy the opportunity to use our experience to create such paper. We are willing to experiment until we succeed in creating a paper that fits the necessary specifications of size, thickness, surface, color, additives and watermarks. 

Contact us to discuss ideas and estimates.

Recycled Paper

Size and price chart

While this chart is meant as a reference guide, each custom order is individually quoted, using this chart as a standard guide and taking into consideration the specifics of the project. Other sizes are possible on special request. There is no minimum order.

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