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Tut-Neyar Paper mill was established in 1986 by Timna and Izhar Neumann, in the old town of Zichron-Ya'akov, Israel, located on the Carmel Mountain, facing the Mediterranean Sea. We are dedicated to making quality hand made paper from the finest fibers. Our main raw material is the inner bark of the Paper Mulberry tree (Tut-Neyar in Hebrew or Kozo in Japanese), which we grow ourselves.
The mill is run as a small family enterprise by Timna and Shaked Neumann.
Making all the paper & paper products by hand assures high quality & unique finished products.

Contact: 972-(0)54-649-0559  E-mail
In 2012 Izhar Moved to a new studio in Jat (near Arce) specializes in paper for artists and conservation. 
Contact: 972-(0)4-6795992 E-mail

39 Hameyasdim St.  Zichron-Ya`akov 3091073   Israel
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Sun - Thur  10:00 - 17:00

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