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Over the last 20 years, we have been developing products from our handmade paper. Our line of paper lamps accents the natural character of paper made from kozo, with the warm diffusion of light through them (This is the kind of paper that the Japanese have used for centuries in their windows and lanterns). Our paper lamps will give you years of enjoyment. We have developed four special lamps easy-to-carry-or-send, All lamps include electric parts (wire, socket, switch) adaptable for 110-220v usage. Prices are in U.S. dollars, not including shipping and handling costs.


Illuminated Picture Lamp


The lamp that adds ambience to your home. Sheet of special decorated paper with a light fixture behind. 
Sizes - 52x79 cm, 46x66 cm, 38x52 cm.
Price - $49-$100.
For shipping, fixture is packed in a separate box and the paper is rolled in a tube.


Cone Lamp


A standing lamp with - 45x65 cm wrinkled paper, rolled as a cone in a black metal wire fixture. To change the paper simply release the mini paper-clip and roll another sheet ! 
Price - $40.00 
For each additional sheet, add $8
For shipping, we pack the stand in a box and the paper is rolled in a tube.




Laminated paper in a mat seal which can be wiped clean. Placemats with natural flowers or leaves make a beautiful table arrangement.
price: $5.5

Stationery set of handmade paper


A set of 5 sheets and 5 envelopes . All papers and envelopes are from handmade papers made locally at Tutneyar paper mill . The papers are made from organic grown fibres and decorated with flower-petals, leaves,dyed fibres etc. all papers are smooth on one side and can be written with any pen or printed on. if not specified, a set has a variety of papers. the image is for illustration purposes only. The envelopes are sealed with a sticker,provided. each set is packed in a nice package .
price: $10

Decorated handmade paper greeting card with envelope


A5 natural- edged hand made paper made from cotton & kozo fibers,decorated with floral motifs ,printed from real plants. Paper is sized and smooth on one side to enable writing with any pen. Card is folded in half and fits into a matching hand-made standard size envelope.All the papers and prints are done one by one so may vary in color and design.special requests are welcome.
price: 1=$4.5      3=$12.5


Handmade paper, paper workshops, art, israel, kids workshops

Sketch books  


originally decorated soft cover books.
White or beige papers.
For sketching , drawing and water-color. 
Price range $17-50.

Different sizes


Clip-on Shades


The clip on shade is the easiest solution to cover any standard-size LED bulb (max. 75w). Simply clip on the shade and enjoy the beauty of the paper. Light diffuses through the paper and shows the natural flowers embedded in it.
Price range $14.00-40.00 (not including packing & shipping).


Handmade paper, paper workshops, art, israel, kids workshops



blessing for your home ,printed on beautiful hand-made paper 

The blessings are in English or Hebrew ( or both ) and decorated with a flora motif or without.

A4/A5 size with deckle edge.

You can send us your version (in any language ) and we will print it with no extra charge !

send your request to tutneyar@bezeqint.net
Price $6-10


Embossed Hamsa


The hamsa is a symbol of fortune.( see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamsa ).

This is a unique hamsa , embossed on hand-made cotton paper. The pure "white on white" creates a special image.

the size is a postcard .

we send it in a stiff envelope,can be framed or unframed.
price: $10-15

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